Creative Brand Platform Development for owners who need to get their companies to the next level and have neither the time nor the budget to spend months and months getting to a solution that we know, by experience, can be achieved in weeks and can deliver for years.

Part 1
Discuss where you and your business are aiming to get to. 

Part 2
Decide from a series of options which creative route to take.

Part 3
Deliver an agreed suite of brand assets enabling you to get there.


We begin with questions. We’ve got plenty (See below) but you’ll soon start coming up with more of your own – The more searching, the more fruitful the discussion. 

Who do you think you are? Why did you create your business? What do you offer? What do you stand for? Where are you headed? What’s your next business goal? … and the one after that? What’s in your way? Who do you think you’re talking to (To get there)? Your business audience? Your consumer audience? Which comes first? How have you been talking to them so far? Then…


…We’ll come back with some options. That will be a mix of manifestos, ideas, endlines, and key visuals. Don’t worry. Our process is designed to make sure broad areas are covered. All founded in the truths of your company – as we’ve discussed. 

The important thing here is that we talk about everything. And get to decide on next steps/which truths are most relevant and important. We often find that at this stage we’ll be taking a little bit of this one and mixing it with one of the others. That’s fine… It’s a nuanced business, and in reality, you’ll know what feels right. 

But this is process of elimination and we all have to be prepared to let go of some previously precious ideas.


This part is straightforward, as the variables will have been removed at this stage and we’re delivering what’s been agreed. 

Importantly, this shouldn’t be when people start to think seriously for the first time about things, just because suddenly they’re all looking fully designed and finished. 

We deliver a suite of ideas and assets based on which media contact points are most relevant to your immediate needs and ambitions, as already agreed.

Discuss. Decide. Deliver. Deferred.

We’re about giving more start-ups and growth companies the opportunity to get their comms in line with their aspirations at an earlier stage – when money is a consideration. 

With efficiencies and without overheads, we can offer our services at a fraction of the cost.  We have a standard fee (available on request). We provide top London agency creative expertise that has been honed through experience working with businesses who are on their way up.

Also as standard we offer deferred payment of fees – where money conscious start-ups can spread the cost by only paying an initial 50%.

Here’s how it works…

FEE OPTION 1 – Standard terms.

50% of the standard fee to be paid prior to the commencement of ‘Discuss’. With the remaining 50% to be paid on fulfilment of ‘Deliver’. Full copyright and usage of ideas is transferred to Client following the receipt of 100% of the fee.

FEE OPTION 2 – Partial deferred payment terms.

50% of the standard fee to be paid prior to commencement of ‘Discuss’. With a second payment of the remainder plus 25% to be paid on the expiry of 6 months from the date of ‘Deliver’. During the 6 months, Client will have the licensed use of all copyrights and ideas within ‘Discuss’ ‘Decide’ and ‘Deliver’, but not thereafter, unless the balance plus 25% is paid in full. At that point, full copyright and usage of ideas is transferred to the client.   

There is also no long-term financial commitment. After ‘Deliver’ you have the tools you need to conduct all your day-to-day comms in-house using your own resources.   




Done it before.

Jay Pond-Jones and Simon Bere.

Independently and together Jay and Simon have been creative leaders in some of London’s best advertising agencies, making famous advertising for famous brands as well as brands that have become much more famous as a result. 

They’ve also gained more than average experience working directly with owners of many growing businesses and start-ups including the launch of the rampantly successful Purple Bricks. 

The start-up/re-set arena – Foxtons

Turning Britain’s most hated estate agent into Britain’s most needed. Showing the reason people hate them is now the reason to use them.

The start-up/re-set arena – AO.com

Appliances Online changed their name to AO.com – On it’s own, that didn’t make it more memorable. Adding the Ramones made it unforgettable. 

The start-up/re-set arena – Purple Bricks

Undercutting Estate Agents by an incredible 90% but lacking peoples trust? Be honest. Tell ‘em who you are and where you come from. The rest is history.

The start-up/re-set arena – Bookatable

When your brands’ success depends on the goodwill of restaurant owners who are suffering from stay at home diners… Fight their corner.

The start-up/re-set arena – Grounded

Nothing animal or artificial. Grounded, the only “Pure” Plant Protein Shake that really is. Why dress it up? Who’d spoil a good work out with a bad shake?

Big famous brands – French Connection

How to make a clothes brand relevant again, when the clothes aren’t quite saying it for themselves. Don’t show the clothes, show an attitude. 

Big famous brands – PLAYSTATION

The way to make a gaming brand symbolise the power of gaming over and above any other. Use its symbols.

Big famous brands – SOL

What do you say to convince people you’re not just another trendy foreign beer? Nothing. Just add lime. 

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